Stormfront Films was founded in early 1998 by director Thunder Levin to facilitate the development and production of feature films and television programming. Based in the seaside city of Santa Monica, CA, Stormfront will focus primarily on projects written, produced, or directed by Mr. Levin, but may also develop or produce outside projects.

While currently producing with traditional film & television methods, Stormfront is dedicated to exploring the emerging digital imaging technologies. Future "film" projects may be produced and distributed completely digitally, providing unprecedented creative flexibility along with significant cost savings, allowing for studio level production values with "independent film" budgets.



Thunder On The SetTHUNDER LEVIN, Director

Thunder directed his first feature film, SOULMATES (aka EVIL LIVES), at the age of twenty-seven. It starred Tristan Rogers ("General Hospital"), Tyrone Power, Jr. ("Cocoon"), and Dawn Wells ("Gilligan's Island"), and was distributed by OverSeas Film Group. Thunder was born and raised in New York City and attended NYU's prestigious Tisch School of the Arts film school. He has written a television series proposal and numerous feature film screenplays including 2176 which is being produced by Ron Shusett ("Alien", "Total Recall", "Minority Report") and Daniel Alter (the upcoming "Hitman" with Vin Diesel and "Hack/Slash"). As a producer-director he has created numerous short films and corporate promotional videos and his still photography has appeared in magazines, newspapers, books, movie posters and video boxes. Thunder is his real name, only his parents know why.


Deborah in the OfficeDEBORAH VALENTA, Vice President of Creative Affairs

Deborah began her career at Concorde-New Horizons working for legendary movie producer Roger Corman. While there, she coordinated a number of films including THE TERROR WITHIN, WIZARDS OF THE LOST KINGDOM II and STRIPPED TO KILL II. A veteran of NYU's Tisch Scool of the Arts film school, she also has a bachelor's degree in anthropology from California State University. Deborah has been an administrator for Prism Entertainment and worked on numerous films in a variety of capacities. She is also a screenwriter and author and has recently begun work on a new screenplay set in New Jersey.

Donna On The PhoneDONNA HOROWITZ, Executive Producer

Donna received her M.F.A. degree in Arts Administration from Texas Tech University and started out as the Director for the San Angelo Cultural Affairs Council. In San Angelo, Donna was directly involved in fund raising and grant writing. Moving to Washington D.C., she worked as a casting director and was responsible for the local casting of such features as BROADCAST NEWS, SUSPECT, NO WAY OUT, and EXORCIST III. Then on to Hollywood where she became a junior agent at the William Morris Agency. At William Morris, Ms. Horowitz assisted in the development of projects and contract negotiations. Later, she became the Associate Manager of the Rubin & Kor Management Company where she developed new talent and projects on a daily basis.   Prior to joining Stormfront, Donna ran her own talent management firm, The Seymour Company.

Robert On The SetROBERT LOSCALZO, Head of Physical Production

As a cinematographer, Robert recently filmed the Columbia/TriStar feature MURDERED INNOCENCE, starring Jason Miller ("The Exorcist") and Ellen Green ("Little Shop of Horrors") and directed by Frank Corraci ("The Wedding Singer", "Water Boy"); as well as filmed spots for MTV and Adam Sandler. His effective use of color and camera choreography within the framework of tight schedules and modest budgets has been featured by the industry's production journal American Cinematographer. His broad range of expertise in almost every facet of film & video production stems from his producing & photographing in thirty-four countries around the world. Robert is leading Stormfront's exploration of new imaging technologies for the twenty-first century.





Restless Dead
Staff & Professional Associates

GEORGE SAUNDERS, Producer/Co-Writer - Restless Dead

George Saunders is an alumni of NYU as well as The Juilliard School in New York. He has written, directed and/or produced over 20 films, which have received distribution through HBO Original Pictures, the Lifetime Channel, and various domestic video and DVD outlets, including Blockbuster Video. As an actor, he is a Broadway veteran, and has enjoyed a career in televison and film for over 20 years. He was also the writer of the award winning documentary series, MILITARY FILMS, distributed through Trans World Entertainment, wherein he worked closely with the Department of Defense, the Navy Seals, Marines, Army and Naval forces at large. He is also a published author of several novels now out in worldwide distribution.



ERIC BILLMAN , Director of Photography - Restless Dead

Eric’s ability to gloss over reality drew him to cinema at an early age when there was always a camera in his hands. He followed his passion to North Carolina School of the Arts where he received an M.F.A in cinematography.   Since settling in Los Angeles he has worked as a Director of Photography in the worlds of commercials and independent film.

And he has this picture to prove it.


DAVID ERIC JAPKA, Line Producer/UPM - Restless Dead

During his career David has created over 80 titles including features, documentaries, industrials, infomercials and interactive multimedia. A
graduate of Temple University in Philadelphia, David started as an editor and then expanded to produce, direct, and project manage. Today he focuses
on production management for independent feature films. David has received awards from the Chicago, Houston and New York Film Festivals. He has also
received a Summit Award, a Telly Award, Brandon Hall of Fame Award, and a New Media InVision Award. He is an avid photographer, whose work has been
published in the Los Angeles Times and other local publications.

David recently wrapped duties as Producer/UPM for the feature "The Twenty". Directed and starring Chopper Bernet, the cast also includes: Clancy Brown
(Carnivale, Shawshank Redemption), Stephanie Niznik (Everwood), Rodney Scott (Dawson's Creek, NCIS), Laura Jordan (Brothers & Sisters), Lisa Darr (Strong
Medicine), and Laraine Newman (7th Heaven, Saturday Night Live). The picture is expected to be released Summer 2007.



KARL ARMSTRONG, Editor - Restless Dead

Karl has served as an Editor, Assistant Editor, or Post Production Supervisor for many of the major studios and independent production companies in Hollywood including his recent assignment on Dreamworks’ animated MADAGASCAR and Disney’s HOME ON THE RANGE, DINOSAUR, FANTASIA 2000 and MULAN. His numerous live action credits include MISSION IMPOSSIBLE, EXECUTIVE DECISION, the recent independent feature HEART OF THE BEHOLDER, commercials, and staff positions at Time/Warner and The Milken Family Foundations. He is experienced in all areas of Production and Post Production and has even directed two independent features. He graduated from Trinity University with a B.A. in Television and Film.


  Kenneth Leslie, Production Designer - Restless Dead

Before arriving in Los Angeles two years ago, Kenneth found his collection of work as an artist, primarily acrylic on canvas. His career begin a metamorphosis stemming from the walls of North Carolinian art galleries to those of high profile restaurants and savvy private residences throughout the southeast in the form of intricate murals and commissioned design work. The transformation continued with his move into production design, which brought him to Los Angeles in March 2005.

Art direction credits include Ripple Effect starring Forest Whitaker, Minnie Driver and Virginia Madsen, and the Ciara music video And I. 


  ADAM LIMA, Visual Effects Producer - Restless Dead

Adam is the co-founder of Horsehead Nebula digital effects and will personally oversee the creation of our limited visual effects. He recently created special effects for the independent features CASKET FEVER and TRANSPORTER II as well as commercials for such clients as Oil of Olay, Nestle, and the L.A. Dodgers, along with numerous music videos including Kelly Clarkson’s BEHIND THESE HAZEL EYES. Adam has been making films and special effects since sixth grade when he discovered his parents Super-8 movie camera. After graduating from the University of Houston, he found work first in the computer industry and then the film business, directing the feature SEVEN DAYS TO KILL for Russian River Prods., distributed by Movie Reps. Int’l. and optioning screenplays to Holiday Pictures and Skylark Films. Adam became acquainted with low budget special effects while working for legendary B-movie producer Roger Corman, and has now combined his expertise in computers and film to create high-end digital effects on shoestring budgets.



DEAN JONES , Special Make-up Effects - Restless Dead

Dean Jones is a two time Emmy winner with over 20 years experience in creating makeup and effects.  Along with his brother, Starr Jones, he's the founder of American Makeup & Effects.  His most recent projects include PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 2 & 3, POSEIDON, NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD 3D and many of the STAR TREK movies and TV shows.   And once, long ago, he worked for one long night on an unheralded low budget film called... SOULMATES.



TANIS ALEXANDER, Costume Designer - Restless Dead

Originally from Texas, Tanis moved to Los Angeles in 2006 in order to pursue a career in Costume Design. She completed the "Costuming for Film and Television" program at CBS Studio City, and has many credits earned towards a Fashion/ Costume Design degree, but has yet to decide on where she wants to graduate. Since moving to Los Angeles, Tanis has worked on several films and has held the positions of Costumer, Costume Supervisor, and Costume Designer. The industry quickly became a passion for Tanis, and she is excited about furthering her career in Costume Design.



GENNETTE OLIMPIA ZIMMER, Associate Producer - Restless Dead

Gennette has no film experience what-so-ever but loves watching them.  She has been a theatrical stage manager for almost a decade working on productions in Los Angeles, New York City and the San Francisco Bay Area.



JEFF GIRION, Associate Producer - Restless Dead


Jeff believes his experience producing reality television gives him a leg-up on working with film zombies. His teaching and journalism background, including stints as a daily newspaper reporter, were mainly zombie free. "Zombie handlers rarely allow them to give interviews," he says.






The Man In The Machine 
Staff &
Professional Associates

Doug NaborsDOUGLAS NABORS, Producer  - The Man In The Machine

A native North Carolinian with an education in film, theater and theology, Doug brings a wealth of industry experience to our project. Most recently he was Creative Executive for FTM Productions, where he developed their new business plan and a slate of nine feature films as well as budgeting company operations, projecting domestic grosses and company revenue, and assisting in the negotiation for equity financing. Doug coordinated the development of AN AMERICAN GULAG, a movie-of-the-week concept for Lifetime Television, supervised development and production of THE GIRL NEXT DOOR, a MOW for CBS, and FOURTH HORSEMAN for Fox Family Channel.  In association with Glueckman Intertainment and Tony Masucci, he line-produced the pilot presentation "SCORING" for MTV's Greenhouse. He has also worked for talent agency The Artists Group Ltd. and the television series HARD COPY.

Dylan ColeDYLAN COLE, Concept Designer - The Man In The Machine

Dylan was born & raised in Vista, California and is studying Art at UCLA on the Emily Sexsmith scholarship.  His work has been exhibited throughout Southern California, including a twenty foot mural for the Ford Motor Co., and has appeared on album covers and movie posters including the upcoming film DESTINATION MARS.  He is assisting the creation of the overall “look” of THE MAN IN THE MACHINE, including set, location, costume and effects design paintings and the initial one-sheet poster.  In addition to art and film, Dylan is a guitarist, playing all types of music from classical to blues to heavy metal.  Standing 6'7", Dylan was a high school basketball star, but instead turned to art.  We’re glad he did.

RONALD B. MOORE, Visual Effects Producer - The Man In The Machine

Ronald B. Moore is currently the Visual Effects Supervisor for the UPN television series ENTERPRISE. He's served in the same capacity for every STAR TREK series beginning with "NEXT GENERATION", and has won three Emmy's for his work. Ron is a member of the International Photographers Guild, the Editors Guild and the Visual Effects Society. Ron's motion picture career began in 1978 and has included some of Hollywood's biggest blockbusters like GHOSTBUSTERS, 2010, POLTERGEIST II, BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA, STAR TREK: GENERATIONS, and many more. But his interest in film and photography goes even further back. Ron was his school's photographer in junior high and high school, and served as a U. S. Navy photographer before entering the Brooks Institute of Photography where he earned his BA. Ron is also an avid guitarist and collector of Hawaiian shirts.


BRIAN LIVESAY,  Production Designer - The Man In The Machine

Brian grew up in Los Angeles in the sawdust of his father’s woodshop; his first playground and inspiration for a lifetime of hands-on creating.  Brian’s first design job came at age ten when he created a line of toy trucks manufactured by his father’s shop.  After a formal education in Fashion Design, Brian moved abroad and developed passions for classical literature, art history, painting, furniture design, industrial design, urban architecture, and generally anything to do with the Middle East.  He has built over 500 sets for film & television and served as Production Designer or Art Director for several MTV shows, the syndicated tv series BATTLEDOME, and nearly a dozen independent films.

MARQ "Q" deCHAMBRES, Associate Producer - The Man In The Machine

Marq has served as producer, production manager or 1st assistant director on several independent features including H-TOWN M.O.B. and KILLING THE BADGE, both shot in Houston, TX, as well as music videos, commercials, and the Fox TV series BIG BAD BEETLEBORGS.  He recently relocated from Houston to Los Angeles and was working on a major video shoot his first day in town!  His trademark fedora has already become a common sight in the halls of Hollywood power as he focuses primarily on the fundraising and casting aspects of our endeavor.

ROBERT MOORE, Concept Artist - The Man In The Machine

Robert Moore was born in Mountain View, California and is currently studying animation and storyboarding at UCLA's animation workshop while working on his Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering. In addition to his work on THE MAN IN THE MACHINE, Bob is currently working on a graphic novel and a short animated film. He intends to pursue graduate work in animation. Robert is also a third degree black belt and assistant instructor in Tae Kwon Do.


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